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What listeners have said

"So textured - like a rich tapestry sometimes, like a glorious graffiti mural other times, such a range of rhythms, instrumentations, harmonies, moods. Stunningly beautiful."

 "I… greatly enjoyed the kaleidoscopic, dreamily poetical soundscapes of your production and the poignant lyrical gusto of your songwriting."

"This artist is giving me Bonnie Raitt meets Bon Iver vibes. This artist is giving me central mass, sit by a tree in the woods vibes - giving me in the woods but can still kinda hear the cars vibes, guitar on his back and singing for the trees vibes - giving me playing his guitar and sharing his life and pain with nature vibes. Love it Boov."

"I can hear the time." 

"Feels like we’re taking a hike in the hills of your past two years...The overall sense I get from it of a talented artist on a big Explore: of texture, of harmony, of instrumentation, of production moves, of different moods and forms of music-making."


Greg is part of the Modern Indie-Alt-Soul-rock duo Mooncaps, who have released two albums, Virgin to Love in 2020 and Man in My Eyes in 2021.

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