Pronouns: he, him, his

I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts feeding chickens, throwing snowballs, hanging with hippies, attending Catholic Mass, switching schools, playing baseball, and getting into trouble with my brothers and friends. I found myself creating as much as I could - characters, artwork, music, jokes, fights, songs, scripts, stupid faces.


That continued into high school and through acquiring a BA in Theater Arts from UMass Amherst and studying theater at the University of Kent in Canterbury. 


As my professional career ensued, I found myself continuing to create and collaborate with people of all ages across the east coast. The creatively rich and nature-filled Berkshires have become an inspiration and artistic home in recent years.


I have trained, acted and educated with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, and have recently dedicated myself to my captivation of watercolor painting, music production, cats and landscaping projects.

The following images are landscaping projects, which include terraced rock-wall beds for shrubs and flowers on a hillside, terraced garden with walkway, natural-stone wall and a water feature installation.

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